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Community Manager
Community Manager

Incorta recently launched On-Prem 6.0, a significant step forward in innovation for our valued customers. While the cloud platform has traditionally taken the lead in innovation, with the release 6.0, both platforms are now on the same level. This enables our customers to access over 50 new features previously only available to cloud users over the past year.

Please check out the release notes to read the complete list of new features.

To quickly jump to some highlights and helpful articles, check out the below feature list:

Dashboards, Visualizations, and Analytics

Data Manager Layer

Public APIs

Architecture and Application Layer

Security and Integrations


Features in Action

To review the features in action, we've compiled all the cloud release feature videos that would contain elements now available on on-prem 6.0.

2022.8 Release Video

2022.9 Release Video

2022.10 Release Video

2022.11 Release Video

2022.12 Release Video

2023.1 Release Video

2023.4 Release Video