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Employee Alumni
Employee Alumni

This month we are starting a new program called “Incorta Community GEM’s”.  A GEM is an individual who “Goes the Extra Mile” by helping Incorta create a welcoming and valuable community space. Each month get excited to learn from Incorta community members as they share a little bit about themselves.

On today’s first-ever GEM Spotlight, say hello to Randy Dawson Sr. @RADSr , Practice Lead - Data Integration at PMsquare.


Where in the world are you currently based?

Mostly my basement office! It’s safe to say I am looking forward to getting out of the U.S. midwest and back to traveling to client sites again!

What is your role at your company? What are your responsibilities?

I started in the industry with a great opportunity - a boss who said “help desk is just a title, what do you want to do?” and let me jump into our ERP and authoring reports ( which we printed with a dot matrix printer on greenbar paper! ). I’ve been a data guy ever since.  

I do a lot of data warehouse/data integration work, work with ETL, BI, and BA tools, and have been spending a lot of time with Incorta recently ( natch ).

What is your favorite part of your job?

I have been asked - and have given the same answer to - this question for twenty years: I get to work with really smart people.  

I am - and have been - fortunate to have world-class co-workers throughout my entire career.  And whether it’s working with “the business” or with IT, customers spending money tend to put good people on projects to work with consultants so I am always learning things about all areas of business.  


With so many years in the industry, what current industry trends do you find most interesting and why?

There are always cool new technology things going on - but the trend I find most interesting is the low barrier to entry for cloud anything now!   Obviously it has affected businesses tremendously, but on an individual level there is virtually no discipline out of reach for self-learning. 

The other thing I find really interesting is which trends haven’t been trends at all.  Twenty-plus years ago I first heard the term “paperless office,” shortly after that I started hearing sales guys talking about getting the office of finance “off Excel.”    How’d that work out?  😉   

Why did you join the Incorta Community?

Candidly, I joined because I found I could get answers to questions quickly and easily - oftentimes more quickly than a support ticket.  Having Incorta employees active in the community is a huge benefit in that instance!

You're the star of the show. Brag about yourself! What is your greatest career accomplishment so far?


Outside of my still being gainfully employed? I started my first “career” job in 1999 with BigCorp ( not BigCorp’s real name ) and was awarded team player of the year in 2000.  I’ve been honored with more and different kinds of recognition since then, but that first one is the bar I strive for.

Also, some past customers have adopted the “Aloha Friday” tradition of wearing Hawaiian shirts on Fridays.  Pass it on!

If you hadn't chosen your current career path, what do you think you would be instead?

When I retire I want to feed the dolphins at the zoo.  I’d like to think that would have been a pleasant career path all along.


Thanks Randy for all of your hard work! 

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