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Employee Alumni
Employee Alumni

Incorta Release 2022.5.1 is now available.
You can read the full Release Notes here.

Release Highlights

This release builds on 2022.5.0 and addresses bugs and some known issues that were highlighted in 2022.5.0.

The component SDK has a new API called PrivateData to store any data while rendering the developed visualization. In addition, a new Tornado visualization is added to Incorta visualizations collection.

As an extension of the physical schema object dependencies introduced in the 2022.4.0 release, this feature will now include dependent dashboards in the dependency list. The Home page is enhanced to simplify the navigation and guide through Incorta. In addition, the dashboard provides a new feature to add insights based on Incorta SQL Views, business views, or physical schema objects to a single dashboard.

Upgrade Considerations

  • Incorta is deprecating the multi-tenant clusters on Cloud. You must separate the multiple tenants to different clusters to upgrade to the 2022.5.1 release.

Dashboards, Visualizations, and Analytics

Data Management Layer