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Incorta Release 2022.7.0 is now available for new cloud trials and new clusters.

For customers upgrading from prior versions, please log a support ticket to schedule the upgrade.
You can see the full Release Notes here.

Release Highlights

In the 2022.7.0 Cloud release, Incorta is introducing several new features that aim to enhance its usability, security, and performance.

In this release, Incorta has significantly enhanced the dashboard performance by improving the rendering time for dashboards prompt filters and improving the performance of dashboards that have more than six insights in a single tab. This release also enables you to further improve the dashboard performance based on prompt filters.

This release enhances the security by introducing a new encryption key management service usingGoogle KMS. The cloud admin user now has extended rights to manage more features in the Cluster Management Console (CMC), such as the Color Palette and Email settings.

The Data Lineage Viewer introduces multiple enhancements that improves the user experience and usability, such as a graphical representation of the column dependencies and search capabilities.

Upgrade Considerations

You might need to consider migrating your global variable syntax to the new syntax. If you need to do so, please contact Incorta Support to perform the global variables migration.

The migration is as follows:

Existing value Data Type New Syntax
1234 integer, double, or long query(1234)
1234 string query(‘1234’)
Name string query(‘Name’)
2022-01-03 string query(‘2022-01-03')
2022-01-03 date query(date('2022-01-03'))

New Features

Dashboards, Visualizations, and Analytics

Data Management Layer

Architecture and Application Layer

Toggle prompt filters for individual insights on a dashboard

Using the new Inherit Runtime Filters toggle located in each insight’s settings, you can individually manage which insights will be affected by your prompt filters. Currently, the majority of insights, including all table insights, support this feature.

Schema Diagram Viewer improvements

With the new improved user interface (UI) and enhanced functionality, you can now use the Schema Diagram Viewer to easily construct, navigate, and maintain the schema data model. You can create, edit, and delete joins directly in the Schema Diagram Viewer. In addition, the details drawer has an improved UI where the color of the object icon indicates the object type, and the icon of a join column denotes the column data type.

For more information, refer to Schema Diagram Viewer.

Data Lineage graphical representation

The data lineage feature is extended to track the dependencies of columns in business schema views. In addition, the Data Lineage Viewer now has multiple enhancements that enrich the user experience and usability. These enhancements include a graphical representation of the column dependencies besides the tabular view and the ability to search for dependent physical schemas, business schemas, objects, dashboards, and columns. The data lineage diagram gives you a quick insight into dependent entities and their count.


The Data lineage is a beta feature.

For more information, refer to Tools → Data Lineage Viewer.

Incorta Cloud Encryption Key Management

Incorta is introducing a new Key Management Service (KMS) that enhances security by encrypting and decrypting the data source credentials using keys from Google KMS. This will ensure that anyone who does get access to the encrypted data source credentials will not be able to decrypt them, as the encryption key will be securely stored in a KMS.


This feature is disabled by default. To enable it, please contact Incorta Cloud Support.

The encryption key management service provides a list of symmetric encryption keys to be used. The list of keys is Incorta-managed, and the rotation policy will be set to 90 days. They are defined randomly for each cloud instance, thus, preventing the case of having the same list of keys for different instances.

Additional considerations

When you enable this feature:

  • You must re-enter all of the data sources data, such as username, password, and connection string
  • There will be a few-seconds delay while loading data sources

Cloud Admin extended rights

This release introduces changes to the Cloud Admin rights in the Cluster Management Console (CMC). The Cloud Admin can now define the following tenant and server configurations in the CMC:

Tenant configurations:

  • Advanced > Turn off/on Global Auto Refresh for Insights
  • Email > main email configurations

Server configurations:

New "Home Page" toggle button

With this release, Incorta enables you to disable the home landing page per cluster using the Cloud Portal admin page. If you disable this setting, Incorta Analytics will automatically open the Content Manager page. All you need to do is the following:

  • Log in to Incorta Cloud
  • Select and connect the desired cluster
  • Select Configurations tab
  • Toggle the Home Page setting to enable or disable viewing the home landing page in Incorta Analytics

Additional Enhancements and Fixes

In addition to the new features and major enhancements mentioned above, this release introduces some additional enhancements and fixes that help to make Incorta more stable, engaging, and reliable.

Business and Physical Schemas

  • Fixed an issue where closing the browser while some physical schemas had unpublished changes caused these physical schemas to be locked and prevented other users from editing them
  • Fixed an issue that caused rows to be rejected during a full load job without an obvious reason
  • Fixed an issue where if the user attempted to edit and save a table in a schema that was currently updating an error notification was not produced
  • Fixed an issue that caused load jobs of multiple physical schemas to be stuck for a long time in different phases
  • Resolved an issue in which running a query with a CASE statement containing NULL value in the ELSE clause fails


  • Resolved an issue in which rich text insights are not scrollable when downloaded or sent as HTML
  • Fixed an issue where table insights, such as a Pivot table, imported from prior versions may not display the subtotal column
  • Fixed an issue in which stacked column bar visualizations are too thin


  • Resolved an issue during drill down in which long tab names are not displayed properly when hovering in the Go To drill down box
  • Resolved an issue where imported aggregated tables would take a long time to load to a dashboard
  • Resolved an issue where sending a dashboard would fail if two scheduled dashboards had the same name
  • Fixed an issue in which a dashboard insight keeps loading with no error displayed
  • Resolved an issue in which a dashboard name with Japanese characters became invalid when sent as an attachment


  • Extended the supported filter values for measure columns with timestamp data to include all relevant system date variables in addition to currentTime


  • Resolved an issue where custom connectors with large data sources would stall out in the discovery operations
  • Fixed an issue with the Salesforce connector that caused some columns in the query to be skipped after validating or updating the query and caused the load of the table data to fail

Materialized Views and SQLi

  • Fixed an issue where the Notebook would encounter an error when running a Materialized View
  • Fixed an issue in which using functions in LIKE statements would result in an error


  • Resolved an issue where the $currentDate variable would display an outdated value
  • Resolved an issue where the monthsBetween function would produce inconsistent results
  • Resolved an issue in which Service Logs do not capture Scheduler errors in the CMC