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Employee Alumni
Incorta Release 2022.8.0 is now available for new cloud trials and new clusters.
For customers upgrading from prior versions, please log a support ticket to schedule the upgrade.
You can get the full release notes here.

Release Highlights

In the 2022.8.0 Cloud release, Incorta introduces more flexibility to rearrange and resize insights on a dashboard. Also, Incorta now enables you to add more information to the insights using the new Tooltip tray in the Analyzer.

In addition, more enhancements and improvements are introduced in other modules, such as the Schema Diagram Viewer and the selector components, giving you more interactivity with the information displayed in those dashboards.

New Features

Dashboards, Visualizations, and Analytics

Component SDK Marketplace

Data Management Layer

In addition to the new features, there are other enhancements and fixes.

Flexibility arranging and resizing insights in dashboards

Now you have more flexibility in arranging and resizing insights within a dashboard. The previous implementation only enabled resizing an insight 1x, 2x, 3x, and 4x vertically within the same row. Also, it only enabled swapping insights with each other within the dashboard layout.

You can freely resize the insights in the following ways:

  • For multiple insights within the same row, drag and drop the horizontal border line to resize all insights in that row
  • For a single insight, drag and drop the vertical border line to resize that particular insight
  • Drag and drop an insight below another one to coincide with a third within the same row

For more information, refer to Guide → Analyze.

New Tooltip tray

Incorta added a new tray in the Analyzer for several visualizations. This tray is a Tooltip. You can add different types of pills to this tray; such as number, string and date; and eventually, it will appear as a tooltip when you hover over a certain point at the insight. Adding pills to this tray is optional. Currently, this tray is only available in the following visualizations:

For more information, refer to the documentation for each visualization.

Dashboard runtime filters enhancements

This release enhances the user experience and usability of displaying and updating the dashboard runtime filters. When selecting a pill on the filter bar, the filter details are displayed just below the filter pill on the filter bar rather than the Filter dialog. This allows updating the filter details without moving to the top of the page.

Component SDK: Numeric Range Slicer

From the Component SDK Marketplace, you can add this optional external component to dashboards. This Numeric Range Slicer is a list or range selector created in the Analyzer. When creating your range slicer, in the Analyzer, you select one or more distinct date or numerical values from a dimension column. The selector will be displayed in the dashboard and act as a visual filter on the dashboard. Applying changes to the selector will filter applicable insights based on the selected dimension value(s).

Schema Diagram Viewer improvements

The Schema Diagram Viewer introduces multiple enhancements for better usability and visibility when viewing and managing cross-schema join relationships.

  • External schemas are now collapsed and each displayed as a node by default.
    • Collapsed schema nodes show the physical schema name and the number of collapsed items (linked objects).
    • Collapsed schema nodes can be expanded to show the linked objects.
    • For collapsed schema nodes, all join arrows that relate to the same object in the current schema are combined in only one arrow.
  • The diagram legend displays a key for external schemas with their number.
  • Searching for an object in a collapsed schema node expands the node and sets the focus on the related object.
  • Selecting the arrow from or to a collapsed schema node opens the details drawer with all related join relationships listed. You can manage the join relationships if the child object exists in the current schema.
  • A visual indication appears when you hover over the node of an object in the current schema denoting that you can draw an arrow from this object to create a new join relationship.

Additional Enhancements and Fixes

In addition to the new features and major enhancements mentioned above, this release introduces some additional enhancements and fixes that help to make Incorta more stable, engaging, and reliable.

Physical and Business Schemas

  • Fixed an issue where SQL views would encounter an error INC_05000301: Runtime exception occurred [ERROR : this query isn't support by ASN tree right now] when based on business views
  • Resolved an issue where the the schema status information was displaying incorrect information on the schema details page
  • Resolved an issue in which adding more than one join at the same window resulted in an error There is already another join between the same tables. You can add a filter to the existing join instead.
  • Resolved an issue in which updating an existing schema by adding a materialized view resulted in an error There is already another join between the same tables. You can add a filter to the existing join instead.
  • Resolved an error that caused failure while loading a table that is based on a PostgreSQL connection that falls back to spark


  • Resolved an issue where the version history of a dashboard did not correctly display the last modified timer in seconds
  • Resolved an issue where a SQLi error could occur on an insight when attempting to use boolean values in certain runtime filters


  • Resolved an issue in which the Max Group value set in the Default Tenant Configurations overwrites the value set on the Tenant level


  • Resolved an issue in which changing a column’s label did not affect the displayed label when the column is of type date or timestamp

SQLi and Materialized Views

  • Resolved an issue in which a query failed in SQLi after updating a schema that has a formula column
  • Resolved an issue in which querying a boolean column using SQLi returned the wrong result set


  • Fixed an issue in which scheduled schema notifications were not sent
  • Fixed an issue where the CLI directory sync command would produce an error INC_05000301: Runtime exception occurred [Unsupported object type: java.lang.Lon g] and not complete sync