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Employee Alumni
Employee Alumni
Incorta Release 5.2 is now available, you can get from the following links:

Release Highlights

The goal of the Incorta 5.2 release is to introduce new features, new connectors, and major enhancements, such as the Insights over Analyzer result sets, Incorta SQL Views, Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) connector, FTP and SFTP as data destinations, Cluster Management Console (CMC) Monitoring tool, and much more.

Incorta is now supporting the backslash as an escape character in the formulas as well as the TO_NUMBER PostgreSQL format function. In addition, this release introduces a new and improved Schema Manager and Designer.

Incorta has also enhanced several visualizations, such as the bubble and advanced map visualizations. Incorta is now also supporting Apache Tomcat 9.0.54.

These new features and enhancements improve the platform’s analytical capabilities, data management, and performance. It also enables you to further process your data and maximize your benefit from it.

New Features

Dashboards, Visualizations, and Analytics

Data Management Layer

Architecture and Application Layer