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1/2 question, 1/2 vent - Can I control log file size? I can't download files > 1 gig


You can't download log files greater than 1 gig.   That tidbit is helpfully in the log files section of the documentation as well as in the message generated when a selected log file is > 1 gig ( screen cap ).

What I am not finding in the documentation is a way to control the file size to keep it under a gig so that its potential usefulness can turn into *actual* usefulness.  

I am also flummoxed at the instruction to "remove some files" from my selection of... ONE FILE.  

As it is now, there is a potentially helpful log file cooling its heels on a server somewhere sipping a mai tai and just mocking me for having the audacity to even try to troubleshoot an issue.

Yes support ticket.  Not holding out hope that I will get ahold of the log file this evening when I'm trying to resolve the issue and wondering if I'm going to have a bigger problem tomorrow morning if executive reports don't go out.




Thanks @mike_mascitti    Yeah - this is all on Incorta Cloud so no server access.   

I suspect the download limit is arbitrary  ( somebody identified a need to prohibit unlimited up/down traffic and said "nobody will need more than a gig" ) but I don't know that for a fact.  

I do have a feeling of nostalgia now for VI   😉     



Almost a month later here's the update from support:


This is the downloading limit for download files and I discussed it with development , It will not be fixed in near future. 


Really disappointed with this development.