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Insight data sampling - make the default "no"?


I recall ( I *think* I recall ) that having insights sample data by default was configurable.   

However, now that I want to do it ( * configure it  -- specifically I want to turn it off as a default )  I'm having trouble finding it.   Searching the documentation for sampling isn't bearing any fruit.


Anyone done this on cloud?  



Employee Alumni
Employee Alumni

Hi @RADSr , I am unsure what you mean by "sample data", but it sounds like loading insight data into memory. If so there are two tenant configuration settings that could help: Force Reload Columns and Warmup Mode. However, these settings are only in On-Premises systems.

Hope this helps!


Within the insight settings there's a slider for data sampling.    If you have huge volumes of data with complex insight manipulations it can make sense so you get the "look and feel" of the data without waiting for the entire results set.   

Upside: quick view of data   Downside: incomplete view of data    

While I'm developing/testing calcs and filters I need to vet them against accurate results and I'm willing to wait a few seconds for Incorta to retrieve and render them.   I can turn the slider off ( as in the screen cap below ) but I can't find the setting to make it default to off.   




I don't think that we have a place to set the default for data sampling.  It may have significant impact to the overall performance so it is better to be set at the insight level.

Here are some related settings:

Screen Shot 2022-08-12 at 8.53.03 PM.png

 You can set the default for the insight max group.

Another one relating to the overall performance but may affect the development is Auto refresh.  You can switch it off globally and enable it at the insight level.

Screen Shot 2022-08-12 at 9.03.53 PM.png