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Employee Alumni
Employee Alumni

A lot has happened here in the community since we first launched!

Updates 🚨

After releasing our Beta Community in March we have grown with:

  • Over 300 members and counting!
  • 190 knowledge base articles
  • 139 discussions 
  • 22 ideas

We are constantly updating and improving the community experience so you can get the most out of our products. Read the Community Release Notes. 


Spotlight on Members 🎉

Keeping our knowledge base up to date is not an easy task, that's why we are taking the time to celebrate @amit_kothari , our technical knowledge superstar. Amit has been an instrumental part in creating many Best Practice guides in the community and encouraging others to do the same. He has written 28 knowledge base articles so far and many more to come! Way to go!

Still on the celebration train, a huge shout out to @RADSr , who has been absolutely crushing it as a founding member of the community! With 30 Kudo’s received and 38 Posts he is one of the top contributors. Randy has been taking the community to new heights! Thanks for your support, Randy!


New Content 📚

Have you checked out some of our latest articles?


Insights over Result Sets



The Insight over Result set is one such feature designed to empower business users to leverage the Incorta Analyzer to build powerful two-step queries to solve some common business problems.

Best Practices Incorta Rich Text



The Rich Text Insight is a new Incorta insight that enables users to add rich text content to their dashboards.

Padding Zeros to Your Field/Column



You might be looking to pad your values with some zeros, but can't quite find an easy way to do so. Here is a quick way to achieve what you might want.

Can’t get enough of our technical resources? Browse through the entirety of our knowledgebase here

Keep the conversation going!

Conversations are the heartbeat of our community. Take a look at some of our most active community discussions:

Have a question you want to ask the experts? Join us over in the discussions area


Announcing the Incorta User Group Hub 🧠

You can now connect with other customers, share use cases, register for upcoming quarterly meetings and review all previous meeting content in the Incorta User Group hub.

Find out more about our customer only user group