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Employee Alumni
Employee Alumni

A lot has happened here in the community since we first launched! Let’s take a look at what’s new in this month's community wrap-up.

Updates 🚨

Since we first launched in March we have grown with:

  • Over 370 members and counting!
  • 214 knowledge base articles 
  • 72 discussions 
  • 24 ideas

We are constantly updating and improving the community experience so you can get the most out of our products. Read the Community Release Notes.


Spotlight on Members 🎉

Keeping our knowledge base up to date is not an easy task, that's why we are taking the time to celebrate, our technical knowledge superstar, @suxinji . Suxin has created over 19 knowledge base articles so far including the most viewed article Level-Based Aggregate in Incorta ! Way to go!

@Naruto has asked the community the most questions this month, with some great ones including this use case around data modeling. Thanks for your questions @Naruto, keep em' coming!

Let’s also take the time to welcome and celebrate all 55 of our new members this month!

@aalqarawi @aclements @Adam_C ,@AEliza ,@albarrozo ,@Ashfaq184 ,@barberleo ,@Bogdan @dan_sbux @deetuchat @dhapari @elsayed_ali @gavy22 @Guy @islam_maher1 @jdmcclellan @jeanettemcmahon @johbey78 @kh-chethans @kh-jasmin@kh-jishnu , @kh-svj97 @Krishna-Feuji@MPHA ,@mukulranjan ,@natarajasokan ,@NickJ@ottokram ,@param-feuji ,@PiotrSoftiq ,@Pradeep ,@Priyanshi ,@rafeemca ,@Raj ,@rana-diaa ,@Reshma ,@Saifuddin @SaiVenkat ,@Sally_Hammady , @Sarudil , @ShreefKhaled@Sindhu , @srini_ch , @suruppattur@sushil


New Content 📚

Have you checked out some of our latest articles?

High Availability and Disaster Recovery


This article discusses Incorta High Availability and Disaster Recovery architectures at a high level.       


Written by @Mateen                                                                

How to unpivot a source table in Incorta


Sometimes you may see source data only available as a cross table.   Here is a sample data set from USAFACTS US COVID-19 cases.  It shows the number of Covid 19 cases by county and date since the year 2020.  

Written by @dylanwan 

Can’t get enough of our technical resources? Browse through the entirety of our knowledge base here


Keep the conversation going! 🤔

Conversations are the heartbeat of our community. Take a look at some of our most active community discussions:

Have a question for the experts? Join us over in the discussions area 

 Keep up with Incorta 👩‍💻

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