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Employee Alumni
Employee Alumni

A lot has happened here in the community since we first launched! Let’s take a look at what’s new in this month's community wrap-up.


Since we first launched in March we have grown with:

  • Over 450 members and counting!
  • 214 knowledge base articles 
  • 72 discussions 
  • 29 ideas

We are constantly updating and improving the community experience so you can get the most out of our products. Have a suggestion? Submit a bug or enhancement request

Spotlight on Members

This month we have launched a new program called Incorta Community GEM's. A GEM is an individual who “Goes the Extra Mile” by helping us create a welcoming and valuable community space with their contributions, engagement and participation. This month we are highlighting @RADSr. Check out the full interview here .Community-Spotlight.jpg

Last month we welcomed 39 new members to our community! 

@aergesous@ahmedriyad , @amakkawy , @Ashfaq184@baldeepaurora@BrandonR , @cepstein12 @dlawal ,

@dmclarke@Dreamcatcher23 , @elena , @gnwamvannatta , @haldumairy , @Heijnenb , @Hitendra , @juzak , @kh-jared @kh-yatendra , @ksundara , @LollyKeven , @lpivtorak , @marcioribeiro@Mezoo797@mhovar , @mike_mascitti , @MohamedZarad , @Munawar_Khan , @peiqin2022  @Ramy-Gabriel , @Rhyne@sgandi , @Shashi_Vanam , @ShelbyR@sylviawang , @tina_varghese , @vittalkini , @Waleed-rwy  @Waleed-rwy  @Yasserrwysa 


New Content

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Fuzzy Text Matching in PySpark UDF



This recipe will teach you how to use the FuzzyWuzzy package to match strings in Incorta Notebook.   

Written by @suxinji                                         


Installing IncortaMetadata Analytics for version 4.9


 These steps will help you setup a pre-built schema, business schema and dashboards.

Written by @JoeM 

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Keep the conversation going! 

Conversations are the heartbeat of our community. Take a look at some of our most active community discussions:

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