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Squeezing every iota of detail into that visualization can be tough, but not with all the pros here!
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Visual table

Introduction  The visual table is a new SDK component available from Incorta Marketplace. It is a tabular view of your data with the ability to add images. The allowed image types are jpg, png, JPG, and PNG.  With multiple dimensions and measures, t...

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Best Practices Incorta Rich Text

Introduction The Rich Text Insight is a new Incorta insight that enables users to add rich text content to their dashboards. The rich text visualization gives you access to a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) text editor. Incorta stores the rich...

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Budget vs Actual Analysis

Budget versus Actuals analysis (Or Forecast vs. Actual, Target vs. Actual, etc.) is a common process used to evaluate business performance of a particular dimension, such as product category, cost center, etc. It is not uncommon for budget data is tr...

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Dynamic Group-by and Dynamic Measures

Introduction Incorta provides many enhancements that help users get the most out of presenting visualizations. This article covers the features that allow users to select which table column is the Group By and which column is the Measure in an Aggre...

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Dashboard Design for Performance

Dashboards are the only part of Incorta that many of your users will interact with and as such, you want the dashboards to provide a good experience for them.   This article focuses on the design elements that will make your dashboards hum.

Tristan by Employee
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Drilling Across Inights

Introduction This article explores drill-downs and explains how to drill across insights. What you should know before reading this article We recommend that you be familiar with these Incorta concepts before exploring this topic further. Incorta Das...

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