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Squeezing every iota of detail into that visualization can be tough, but not with all the pros here!
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Visual table

Introduction  The visual table is a new SDK component available from Incorta Marketplace. It is a tabular view of your data with the ability to add images. The allowed image types are jpg, png, JPG, and PNG.  With multiple dimensions and measures, t...

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Pivot Tables

Pivot tables are no stranger to the world of BI. In this article, we make some recommendations and key considerations for when you build your next pivot tables.

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Insights over Result Sets

A key area of product focus at Incorta is to provide powerful analytical capabilities while retaining the simplicity of creating insights on a dashboard. The Insight over Result set is one such feature designed to empower business users to leverage...

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Best Practices Incorta Rich Text

Introduction The Rich Text Insight is a new Incorta insight that enables users to add rich text content to their dashboards. The rich text visualization gives you access to a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) text editor. Incorta stores the rich...

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